LEaO OPTiCS is having their end of the month give away where someone will be randomly selected to receive a free pair of our 100% Bamboo sunglasses inspired by the SoCal Jits scene..  These glasses need to be in your hand to truly appreciate.  

On October 31st we will randomly pick a winner.  

How to enter you may ask?  Go to www.LEaOOPTiCs.com and sign up for our news letter where you will also receive special pricing and priority on new releases.   If you have already done that then you are already entered to win. Keep your eye on your email Saturday October 31st!!

Last months winner was Miles Williams and he picked the OG BUMPS.

So head over to www.LEaOOPTiCS.com and sign up!!  YOU have 2 DAYS!!!!




October 29, 2015 by Lionel Turner