Wrist Lock The World! Pete "The GreeK" 37 Wrist Locks

  • by Lionel Turner

OG Pete the Greek breaks down 37 wrist locks for BJJ with the world renowned Bernardo Faria. 

 Do you love the prison style rules of grappling?  If so you will love this video.

A true innovator of the game and came up with old school monster Pete has built and arsenal of wrist locks to display his ninja techniques that you never see coming.

It doesn't matter how big you... When it breaks it breaks.

LEaO OPTiCS so randomly met Pete the Greek at the Carlson Gracie award banquet a few years back.

Our seats were assigned and I sit down next to a guy wearing a LEaO OPTiCS hat.  I'm like "Where did you get that beautiful hat?"

He says "I'm staying with Jeff Glover and I took it from him out of his room..  

Right then I just remembered what the Source Mag said about 5 Mics... Steal It!



Wrist Lock The World!

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