About LeaO Optics Polarized Sunglasses

LEãO OPTiCS is a sunglasses and apparel company specializing in signature Bamboo Sunglasses. Our passion is rooted in the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle founded in Southern California with our products reflecting that lifestyle.

"LEãO" (which translates to "Lion" in Portuguese) represents the heart and dedication required to survive and progress on the mat.  The respect given to the journey is held in high regard, and LEãO OPTiCS has made the symbolic red and white stripe on the black belt a staple of our brand. 

Southern California, often referred to as SoCal, boasts the climate, culture and overall environment that has helped make it a mecca for elite Jiu Jitsu athletes from all over the world.  LEãO OPTiCS merges the SoCal lifestyle with quality and style never before seen in the Jiu Jitsu community when it comes to apparel and eye wear.

We chose Bamboo as the material for our eye wear because it is ultra strong and durable yet still bendable and lightweight. Bamboo represents the history and traditions of the "Martial Artist" as well as the laid-back culture of the SoCal beach scene.

Established in 2015 in Oceanside, California,  LEãO OPTiCS is committed to offering unique eye wear and apparel to a community and collection of like minded individuals who we hold dear to our hearts. OSS!

Lionel Turner



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