The LEaO Team old

Eduardo "The Turtle Master" Telles

NoGi World Champ, Founder on NINE NINE Association.  Innovator and Inventor of the Turtle and Octopus Guards and BJJ Legend.

Samir Chantre

3x NoGi World Champ, 2x Pan NoGi Champ, 4x American National NoGi Champ, Foundering Member ARES BJJ Association


Clark Gracie 

Grand Son of Carlos Gracie and Son of Carley Gracie, Clark has made a name for himself winning IBJJF Pans and IBJJF NO Gi Worlds and combines in his families tradition of competing and evolving with Jiu Jitsu all over the world 

Nathiely De Jesus

IBJJF World Champ, IBJJF No Gi Champ, IBJJF Pan Champ, IBJJF European Champ, Abu Dhabi Pro Champ



Kristina Barlaan

European Champ, Worlds Silver Medalist, Pan American Silver Medalist and ADCC Vet

Boogeyman Richie Martinez

Black Belt under Eddie Bravo, EBI Combat Jiu Jitsu Champ, EBI Runner Up, NoGi Worlds Silver Medalist, Multiple NAGA NoGi Champ, B Boy


Tanner Rice

IBJJF American National Champ, UAEJJF Grand Slam Champ, IBJJF Pan Silver Medalist, IBJJF European Silver Medalist



Sergio Rios

Multiple time IBJJF Event Champ, 5 Grappling Champ, Fight To Win Vet

Marvin Castelle

10Th Planet Black Belt, Imanari Roll to Heel Hook Submission viewed over 13 million time on YouTube

Ezra Lenon

2x ADCC Invite, Numerous BJJ Championship titles around the US

Jonatas Novaes

3x NoGiWorld Champ,3x PanAm No Gi Champ, 3x European NoGi Champ,  Abu Dhabi World Pro Champ,

Rodrigo Antunes

Multiple championships in Brazil, Europe and the US dating back to 1993


Thomas "Mastwo" Ayarzun

Multiple championships around the globe, Head Ambassador of the Terere Kids Project




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