Jiu Jitsu Belt Ranked Sunglasses

LEaO OPTiCS Belt Rank Stripes    

If you want to represent your passion for the "Arte Suave" everywhere you venture off to, then consider our customization with our Jiu Jitsu Belt Rank LEaO OPTiCS option.
For an additional charge of $10 you will have your pair of sunglasses hand painted with your belt color on the tip of the right leg. So now you can represent your love for jiu jitsu and it's challenging journey off the mat with a little additional style...  
Currently our Jiu Jitsu Belt Ranked Sunglasses are the presented award for Submission of the Night in the Fight to Win Promotion for belts Purple, Brown and Black at all their shows.  
These make the perfect gift for the a special day and even better as a gift for a dear ones Belt Promotion.....
Or just to spoil yourself!
Custom Sunglasses Your Way 
If you would like your shades "Ranked" upon purchase just click the drop down menus and pick the Belt Color tone you desire, we will custom stripe your sunglasses in the color of your choice. 
Please allow 2 additional shipping days for delivery! 
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