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Valtado Matte Black

$ 65.00


This always faithful retro-style sunglasses have drawn devotion from many around the world for its versatility. Offering all-round and timeless wayfarer style sunglasses featuring sustainable bamboo and durable recycled plastic materials. Matte black acetate sunglasses frames fitted with dark gradient premium polarized lens. Protect your eyes with full UV and UVB lens protection and tackle your daily ventures with a comfortable wrap around-ear design. Beautifully painted black brushed bamboo wooden legs frames held together by stainless steel spring hinges. These sunglasses are so light and balanced, you'll hardly know they're on! Our Valtado Eco polarized sunglasses take the eco-friendly eyewear approach we strive to continue to pursue in our conscientious design goals.  

 Valtado Matte Black Features

  • Matte Black  Frames 70% Recycled Plastic (147 mm)
  • Polarized UV 400
  • Scratch Resistant Lens  
  • Very Light Weight 
  • Black Brushed Bamboo Legs
  • Stainless Steel Spring Hinges
  • Light Weight Construction 
  • Black Hard Bamboo Protective Case 
  • Microfiber Cleansing Pouch

     Rx-able Sunglasses 

    Ask your Eye Care Provider if they are willing to do 3rd party frames.

    Fortunately, companies like Lensabl can do it for you!



    LEaO OPTiCS does not sell Frames with out Lenses.

    All of our Sunglasses from the RIGIDO (Acetate Frames) comes with a Free 1 Year replacement warranty. You break them and we replace them! Feel at peace knowing you're investing in a quality pair of sunglasses.

    Customize Your Wooden Sunglasses  

    Jiu-jitsu Belt Rank striping feature available on this model. It can be added to all of our sunglasses for an additional $10.00 charge! Wear your passion for "the gentle art" on your pair of shades and let your journey be known to the world.